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COVID 19 – Heart Disease



“Can coronavirus damage my heart? Coronavirus is not just a respiratory disease. We’re seeing lots of patients who present with heart failure or heart damage. Coronavirus can cause widespread complications in every organ system. Let’s focus on the heart. This virus can affect the heart muscle, causing damage or weakening of the heart contraction, leading to heart failure. It can also cause blood clots and cause certain types of heart attacks. It can also damage the electrical conduction system of the heart and lead to arrhythmias, some of which can cause blood pressure drop or even sudden cardiac arrest. If you were diagnosed with coronavirus, but do not need hospitalization, it’s still important to get checkups with your doctor and determine if your heart has been affected. You may have symptoms of shortness of breath or fatigue or chest tightness. These symptoms should not be ignored. Just because you don’t need to be hospitalized, does not mean not to get checked out.

If you’ve been diagnosed, perform a checkup with your doctor. Do some blood tests, do an electrocardiogram, make sure everything is in order because coronavirus does also affect the heart and we should not ignore it or overlook it. The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and causes a lack of oxygen. Well, this lack of oxygen will affect the heart. The heart will not be able to function properly and will cause a detriment in the heart function, leading to arrhythmias and even tissue death. The virus also attacks the heart walls and causes something called myocarditis, or death of the muscle tissue, that can also cause serious consequences and even heart failure. The virus also can directly interfere with the heart’s ability to pump blood by disturbing the electrical conduction system. Some patients have even needed a pacemaker as a result of this coronavirus.”

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