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Covid Vaccination In Pregnant/Lactating Women – How Vaccines Work



We all know by now how critical vaccines are to fighting certain types of diseases. In most cases like the flu vaccine, vaccines can reduce the severity of symptoms and time spent with those symptoms. In some cases like polio, they give us enough herd immunity to eradicate the disease in new generations entirely. At their most basic level, vaccines work with the human body’s natural immune response. That is, it causes the body to think it has the disease. This triggers a reaction, which in turn will hopefully remain in the body’s memory for the next time it encounters the disease. COVID vaccines are made with the mRNA technology. What this does is it inserts the very material that makes up the virus into our bodies. However, unlike other vaccines, it does not stay there. Our bodies recognize that protein as a harmful substance and builds the ingredients that will help us fight it in the future. Then the material inserted by the vaccine is later destroyed.

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