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Crohn’s Disease – Symptoms

February 16, 2022


So because Crohn’s disease affects the entire digestive tract, potentially it can interfere with absorption of nutrients. In children, that may mean stunting growth and malnutrition. In addition, oftentimes once a patient is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a child, some of the medications are in and of themselves, causing stunting of growth such as steroids. So occasionally patients, children, or even adults who get diagnosed with Crohn’s disease must be put on steroids, at least in the short term, to get their disease under control. And that can stunt growth. And so really we have two components. One is the actual disease itself and the effects on the digestive tract is has, in terms of preventing absorption of food. Secondly, we have symptoms that prevent people, especially kids, from wanting to eat, being able to eat. And so that’s the actual disease component. And then the treatments also, are such that it’s particular steroids, they that can stunt growth.

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