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Deep Vein Thrombosis – Conclusion

December 23, 2020


“As a wrap up summary on my presentation, on the venous disease, I would like to encourage all healthcare providers, primary care providers in general, to educate themselves and to learn more about the newer technologies that are applicable to their patients. Quite often we see patients in the office that had the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis that was made two years prior or a year prior, when it’s now a little too late to act. And you always, you and your patients wish that they will have been referred early on, even just for a consultation, even just for, do you agree or disagree that just a blood thinner and compression stockings are enough or should we do something else? I think that discussion has to be held with a surgeon or intervention is I don’t want to say surgeons because all of this space has had embarking into these kinds of therapies.

And as long as they’re properly trained, I don’t have a major issue against that. I will just encourage people to just like I do on my own, just to look into meetings, into new technologies, because these are people that usually the primary care physician will tackle for the first time. This is where the patients go for the first stop. And if that stop happens to be the last one, sometimes you are denying appropriate care to these patients. So, it is just my call to the community to encourage people to actually seek just to a phone call or a phone consultation to see if there’s any other therapies that might be available to these patients. With that said, I thank you very much for your time in listening to this short and concise presentation, basic presentation on the venous disorders. Thank you.”

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