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Degenerative Joint Disease – Causes

November 10, 2020


Degenerative joint disease as a category is spinal wear and tear. Spinal wear and tear is most commonly caused of weight gain or excessive manipulation of the spine that can be from heavy work or athletic manipulation of the spine from long-term athletic activity. Other causes of spinal DJD, as we call it, is smoking and aging and inflammatory auto-immune arthritis. These are conditions where the body attacks the joints of the spine, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, arthritis, and such. There are some genetic underlyings of degenerative joint disease, but they are not very specified at this point. And hence, the most beneficial changes that can be made in order to improve your chances of getting degenerative joint disease is to assure that you keep your weight in a healthy level and you do not smoke. Despite the fact that activity does lead to degenerative joint disease. Most physicians agree that you’re better off living an active lifestyle instead of shying away from activity, which leads to weight gain and hence leads to DJD. Anyways, degenerative joint disease cannot be cured at this time.

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