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Depression – Being Present



Being present means listening with purpose. Imagine showing up – not just physically but also emotionally and with all of your senses for your partner and most importantly – for yourself. Imagine those simple tasks, how much better they will look when you, for example, wash the dishes and you feel the warmth of the water in your hands or smell soap. Or even better, each morning when you prepare your coffee and you grind those beans and you can smell the coffee about to start getting ready and then you pour yourself a cup of coffee and you feel the warmth in your hands. Imagine each thing being able to enjoy it with all of your senses. Well, that is the magic of being present and how it brings happiness into your life. This is something that you can do with every activity you have each day. Nowadays, we focus so much in technology and we’ve missed this – enjoying the here and now of each day. Why don’t you try it?

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