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Depression – Feeling Empty

February 28, 2022


There’s a feeling that people describe that’s not sadness – it’s something that they described as much worse than sadness: it’s empty. Like there’s no feeling there at all whatsoever. When clients describe that to me, I immediately start to think: okay, maybe this could be a depression. If you feel that feeling for say two weeks or more, you really do need to consider that you could possibly have depression. Let’s say you feel it right away and you want to know what to do. First thing you’ve got to look at is sleep. You have to try to sleep eight to nine hours a night. Next thing you’ve got to look at is exercise. Try your very best to exercise three times a week, three to four times a week for 30 minutes. You can go bike, you can go run, you can do a yoga video on YouTube – just something really basic is fine. Then if it still doesn’t work, I would recommend that you go see a therapist and if that doesn’t work, then I would look at some medicine from the psychiatrist.

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