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Depression – Insurance Coverage

March 1, 2022


Insurance coverage and the treatment of depression is somewhat variable. Some psychiatrists take insurance, some do not. Some therapists take insurance, some do not. If you’re having a hard time finding a doctor who takes your insurance and it’s important for you to use your insurance, a good first step is to call the insurance and ask for a list of the providers who are in network for them (meaning the ones who are covered to the greatest extent) and you can then either ask other people you know if they recognize any of the names or try calling some of the doctors and see if they seem like a good fit. Hospital services will usually be covered by most insurances. Partial hospital programs will usually be covered by most insurances, residential programs – it may vary more. So obviously for each of these issues, it’s important to talk with your insurance ahead of time in order to ensure that it is indeed covered.

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