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Depression – Physical Symptoms

February 28, 2022


If you’re experiencing physical pain or stomach aches or other things going on and you’ve been to the doctor and they don’t find any diagnosis, they don’t find any reason for it – probably they told you to see a therapist and they’re considering anxiety. A lot of times anxiety disorders can manifest in your physical body and we call that somatic disorders. And the best way to treat that is to go sort of far back and understand your whole life and your whole psyche and what could be making you anxious that you’re not consciously aware of. You usually can’t say I’m anxious because of this, so my stomach hurts. Sometimes you can, but not usually. So what you’d want to do is you’d want to go see a therapist and try to understand what anxieties are going on, what depression symptoms you’re having that are going on. And if we make them conscious and you talk about them, it generally starts to alleviate the actual physical symptom.

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