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Depression – Protection From Bullying

February 28, 2022


A bully’s main goal is to isolate you. Either they say something mean to you on the internet or they intimidate you in real life – what they’re trying to do is get you alone. When you’re alone, you feel bad. You crouch down, you withdraw into yourself and they can be even more mean to you. The first thing you want to do is if you have even the tiniest bit of bullying coming towards you: tell your friend. Do it before your self-confidence gets so low that you’re ashamed of yourself. Do it right away. You have got to tell your friend. You have got to tell your parents. You have got to tell your teachers. The goal for you is to get a community around you so you’re not alone. Therefore, you can still think clearly. You can remember: okay, I’m not actually so terrible and bad like they’re saying. I’m not so awful. Because you’ve got people around you who agree with you. If you wait too long to get help, you start to internalize everything they’re saying and doing. You start to crouch down and then they come at you even more.

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