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Depression – Psychotherapy

February 28, 2022


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy where the therapist and the patient focus on the patient’s thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to the symptoms of depression. Interpersonal psychotherapy is very similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, but places an emphasis on the relationships in a person’s life and how they’re contributing to depression. Psychodynamic therapy, psychoanalysis are both related types of therapies which focus on the subconscious of a person and attempt to improve symptoms of depression by addressing some of the underlying issues such as resistance or defenses that may be contributing to their symptoms. Supportive psychotherapy is a type of therapy where the patient and the therapist work together and the therapist uses the medium of empathy (of listening closely, listening attentively, providing support to the patient) to help his or her symptoms. Group therapy is a type of therapy where many individuals who are struggling with depression will sit together in a group and a group leader will facilitate and the medium of the group will help people in ameliorating symptoms of depression.

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