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Depression – Role of The Therapist

February 18, 2022


Therapy is a great place to deal with symptoms of depression and improve your ability to cope with depression. Depression often involves a tendency to have negative thoughts about how we view ourself, the world, and the future. Therapy is a place where you can step back and notice those thought patterns and begin to replace them with more healthy and adaptive thoughts. Depression also involves difficulty in relationships and losses. Therapy is a place that you can work through those feelings and learn how to communicate in your relationships better. Overall, as a whole, therapy is a place for you to get support, but unlike the other supports you have in your life (like your family members, your friends) your therapist is an unbiased objective, support who is there to help you with your life without having their own perspective because they’re uniquely interwoven into your life. That’s an important distinction of how your therapist is different from other supports in your life. Lastly, medication is a very important part of the treatment of depression and maybe necessary in addition to therapy. Often a combination of both medication and therapy is the gold standard for treating depression.

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