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Depression – Social Media

February 28, 2022


Social media is really difficult. I imagine we’re talking about Snapchat and Instagram – those are the two main ones that kids are using these days. If you’re using, say, Instagram: what I really recommend to kids is if you don’t want to delete your Instagram and you don’t want to delete your friends, make sure you are cognizant about who you’re following. Who you’re following creates sort of your Instagram life in your head. If you’re following a bunch of depressing quotes or deep dark black, black and white dark photos, that is going to get into you. If you’re watching and scrolling all day long about these dark things, you’re going to start to feel dark too. So all of the people you’re following that are not necessarily your best friends – make sure they’re positive. Make sure they are something else that you prefer – it can be art, it can be pretty pictures, it can be puppies – it doesn’t matter. But it’s very important that if you don’t feel well, delete everybody that’s giving off any kind of negativity because it really, really does change your world. Same thing with Snapchat. If you have, faraway, say third-tier friends who are posting videos of themselves being depressed or they’re doing this or that – remove them. If it’s your best friend – it’s a little bit different. You can go talk to them yourself. But if they are third tier, just delete them. You don’t want to see the negative stuff because it will bring you down.

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