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Depression – Symptoms: Energy, Concentration, Appetite

February 28, 2022


Energy is another hallmark symptom. People with depression generally have a very low energy and simply getting through the day can be a big challenge for them. Concentration: people with depression will say that they read a page and it doesn’t register. They’re watching a movie and it’s going in through one ear, out the other ear. The ability to focus becomes severely impaired, and this is an important point because there are other psychiatric conditions that affect attention, which depression can masquerade as and sometimes will be misdiagnosed as an attention deficit disorder when the real root cause may be a depression. Appetite is another thing that we look at with depression, so people who are severely depressed, will usually eat a lot less than they normally do. They may lose unhealthy amounts of weight. In some instances, people may eat more than they usually do as a coping strategy, but certainly more common to find a decrease in appetite.

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