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Diabetes – Amputation Prevention

February 21, 2022


The best way to prevent an amputation is of course to take good care of your diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, all of the things that one does to minimize the diabetic state. But in addition, one needs to be very careful when cutting one’s toenails that you don’t break the skin and many diabetics actually go to a podiatrist to have their toenails clipped. In addition, you want to carefully wash your feet, you want to take very good care of them – often massaging them periodically with oil to keep the skin moist and supple so it doesn’t crack and allow sores and infection to start. Basically, extra good skin and nail care are important in a diabetic and it is recommended that diabetics visit a podiatrist periodically to make sure that foot care is maximal because that’s such a common thing to happen that diabetics lose toes and lose their feet and even their leg.

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