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Diaper Rash – Complications

December 6, 2021


Although rare, what looks like a diaper rash can actually be a form of skin cancer in infants. This usually occurs in the creases of the skin, but it can present with bruises or sores. An infection can also look like common diaper rash. A pediatrician or general practitioner will send cultures of the skin to see if there’s bacteria or fungus present. Sometimes if psoriasis or cancer is suspected, a small biopsy of the skin will be taken while the baby or adult is under local anesthesia. For particularly bad cases of diaper rash, hydrocortisone cream can help reduce the inflammation. Keep in mind though that the cream shouldn’t be used for too long, because over time it can thin out the skin and this can lead to more problems in the region. Doctors may also prescribe a topical antibiotic that’s applied directly to the affected skin, or even an antifungal cream if indicated.

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