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Diaper Rash – Prevention

December 6, 2021


Well, the most important thing in preventing diaper rash is changing a diaper immediately after it’s been soiled. It’s also important to use a super absorbent disposable diaper, making sure to buy diapers that are fragrance-free and dye-free can help, especially if the person wearing the diaper has an allergy to the diaper itself. While keeping a dry diaper on is important, cleaning the correct way is also important. Unfortunately, too much cleaning can cause issues just as much as not cleaning enough can. You also want to avoid using harsh soaps. Instead, use pre-packaged wipes that are free of alcohol fragrances and essential oils. Barrier cream such as zinc oxide or petrolatum jelly can prevent skin irritation. Those barrier creams, they don’t need to be wiped off after every diaper change, only after a bowel movement. To clean off petroleum jelly, use a cotton ball with mineral oil. That seems to work best. People once used talcum powder or cornstarch to create a barrier. But since those powders can cause lung irritation for a baby, doctors no longer recommend using powders. To help prevent a diaper rash, never bathe the baby using a bubble bath. Instead, do a short daily bath with warm water.

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