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Diarrhea – Diet

February 8, 2022


Any fluid that has electrolytes is usually the best thing. Water is obviously good, but sometimes with patients with diarrhea, you’re also losing a significant amount of your electrolytes. So any of the over-the-counter sports drinks or anything with electrolytes, is that usually some of the best drinks when it comes to diarrhea. Food? It all depends. You know, when people have acute diarrhea, we recommend patients being on a bland diet. You know, anything with any type of seasoning or any type of spices can definitely exacerbate the contractions and inflammation in the bowel, which can then lead to worsening diarrhea. So most patients that have diarrhea, we tell them, you know, in the acute setting, to take two things that are like bananas, apples, toast, very bland meals that won’t affect the GI tract significantly.

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