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Distal Radius Fracture – Expectations

January 27, 2021


If you’ve had a wrist fracture and you’re receiving treatment either in a cast or after surgery, there are some predictable expectations that you should be aware of. The first of these is pain. Pain is usually quite intense at the time of the injury and can persist for several days after treatment. Elevating the hand above the heart to minimize swelling, limiting physical activity, to prevent pumping blood into the fracture site and taking prescribed medications can help to minimize the discomfort associated with these fractures as they heal over the next several weeks. Pain usually diminishes fairly rapidly. Stiffness is a common complication of the injury itself and also of treatment with immobilization and a cast or after surgery. Because of this treatment with occupational therapy, hand therapy or physical therapy after your injury is usually prescribed by your doctor. This may persist for several weeks or can take several months in order to restore flexibility and function to the hand and wrist after these injuries.

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