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Diverticulitis – Causes

January 22, 2021


So what exactly causes diverticulosis? The exact cause of diverticulosis is largely unknown, but the common health theory is that lack of dietary fiber or constipation over time will lead to these low sac-like protrusions, or potholes, to form. When these sac-like protrusions get retained with stool or bacteria, this is what leads to diverticulitis, thereby leading to infection and inflammation. The exact location of these diverticula may vary between different racial and ethnic groups. There are also some studies that have shown that obesity, smoking, a lack of exercise, and aging may also play a role in diverticulosis to form. There were in fact, several studies that have shown that the older we are, the more prevalent diverticulosis becomes. About half of patients over 60 will have some degree of diverticulosis. There are also some studies looking into genetic factors, which may play a role in the development of diverticulosis.

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