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Diverticulitis – Treatments

January 22, 2021


So what are the treatment options for diverticulitis? The treatment options, depending on if you have acute or chronic diverticulitis, the severity, and any associated complications. In most patients with mild to moderate acute diverticulitis, antibiotics are usually almost always prescribed. Depending if you can take food orally, or if you have any nausea or vomiting, then your doctor may decide to send you to the emergency room for IV antibiotics. In the emergency room, you may also get a CAT scan, which is a form of process imaging. This CAT scan will tell us the severity of the diverticulitis and if you have any more serious complications of the diverticulitis, such as perforation or abscesses formation. In terms of abscesses and perforation, you may be required to be seen by a surgeon. Usually as well, you’ll be starting a liquid diet for at least a few days to allow your bowel to rest and heal. And over the next few days, you’ll slowly reintroduce solid foods. After any spell of acute diverticulitis, usually we will also recommend for you to have a CAT colonoscopy generally four to six weeks after the initial event. In terms of chronic diverticulitis, where there may be stricture or fistula formation, then usually you will be seen by a surgeon to determine the best course of management and surgical options available.

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