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Downstate Medical Center – Department of Neurology

October 10, 2021


The Department of Neurology at SUNY Downstate, which is the main, if not only academic medical center in Brooklyn, which is on its way to becoming the third largest city in the country. Our department consists of nearly 50 faculty members that run the gamut from MDs, MD, PhDs, or clinician scientists to PhDs who do both clinical basic science research as well as neuroepidemiology. We have 12 major divisions within the department that cover all the major subspecialties ranging from stroke, epilepsy, movement, pediatric neurology, and other disorders. Our program not only focuses on the clinical aspect of neurology offering expertise in the variety of disorders, but it also focuses on teaching. We are responsible for the education of over 200 medical students at SUNY Downstate and their neurological education, as well as having one of the largest residency programs where we train future neurologists. We have a number of subspecialty fellowships where residents who have finished their training can get advanced training in subspecialty areas. And lastly, a major focus of the department is on research. This, again, covers the gamut from clinical research, basic research and translational research, which bridges the clinical to bring the bench to the bedside, offering possibilities to develop new treatments for a variety of neurological disorders.

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