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Dr. Abhay Sanan Introduction

February 2, 2022


My name is Dr. Abhay Sanan. I’m a practicing neurosurgeon in Tucson, Arizona at the Center for Neurosciences. I essentially grew up here in Tucson, Arizona. I’m originally from India, but I moved to Tucson at the age of three and, did my elementary, middle school and high school in Tucson. From there, I went to Boston University School of Medicine where I did my undergraduate and medical school in a six-year accelerated program. From there, I went onto a neurosurgical residency at the University of Minnesota and I spent some time near the end as a chief resident at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. From there, I took on a skull base and cerebrovascular fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. And after that I was lucky enough to come back to Tucson, my hometown, where I was fortunate enough to, become a neurosurgeon and partner within the Center for Neurosciences, which is a practice in Tucson, Arizona, entirely devoted to neurological sub-specialty care.

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