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Dr Apu Akkad – Introduction

December 17, 2020


Hi, my name is Dr. Apu Akkad. I’m from Massachusetts. I went to the University of Massachusetts medical school, where I’m from. I moved to LA, several years ago and did my training in internal medicine at the University of Southern California. I currently work in Beverly Hills at Cedar Sinai medical center as a hospital physician, meaning I take care of people inpatient while they’re hospitalized. I really like doing that, as at that time, you see people at their worst when they’re the sickest, and then in turn, you get to see them get better as well. So in my spare time, I like to fly planes. I’m learning how to become a pilot, which was quite exhilarating. So today I’ll be talking to you about congestive heart failure, how to prevent getting re-admitted to the hospital by taking care of yourself at home, with the right medications, diet, exercise, et cetera.

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