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Dry Eye – Treatment

January 31, 2021


Treatment for dry eye, usually depends on what is causing the problem. Talk to your doctor if another condition is causing your dry eye. Treating that condition may improve your dry eye symptoms. Another great option for treatment of mild dry eye is use of warm compresses at least once or two times a day, 15 minutes each. The most common treatment for mild dry eye is use of artificial tears. Those you can get without the prescription. Another good option is use of over-the-counter moisturizing gels or ointments. Those you can use right before bedtime to allow for extra moisture while you’re sleeping. If your dry eye is more serious, your eye doctor may give you a prescription medication to address the problem. The good news, if you have dry eye, there’s a lot of things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. If not treated, the disease may progress and result in corneal scarring, which is the clear portion of the eye.

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