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Dupuytrens – Symptoms

March 23, 2022


Dupuytren’s disease is a genetically inherited condition where collagen is deposited in abnormal amounts in the palma fascia in one or both hands. Therefore, the symptoms that people experience are directly related to that buildup of collagen. That can be small nodules in the palm, which usually occur right at the level of the crease below the fingers, or they can form cords, which extend from the palm up into the finger or multiple fingers. And as those cords form, they have a tendency to contract and tighten. That can draw one or more fingers down into a flexed position and prevent the fingers from being extended. Once that happens and people begin to lose function, that usually drives patients to present for medical attention. In the early stages of the condition, because Dupuytren’s disease is usually not painful and it doesn’t produce any loss of sensation, patients often will live with this for quite some time before they seek medical care. Fortunately, although the symptoms and functional deficits that can result from Dupuytren’s disease can be quite troubling, it is not a serious health issue. It does not affect other organ systems. It doesn’t cause loss of any other functional ability aside from full motion in the hands.

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