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Eczema – Lifestyle Modifications

February 7, 2021


Any lifestyle recommendations you would give to patients with atopic dermatitis and eczema? Yes. Some lifestyle recommendations include the use of gentle skincare products, such as Vaseline petrolatum and other soothing emollients to moisturize and hydrate the skin, as well as gentle soaps to cleanse. It was best to cut down on showers if you take too many showers a day. One shower with lukewarm water is often enough. Keep showers short and avoid hot water. Avoid scrubbing with soap in the areas that are very itchy Do not shower with loofahs or washcloths as they may aggravate the skin further. Most importantly, stop scratching. It may feel good in the short term, but actually leads to more itching and fuels the desire to scratch in the long term. Regular use of emollients within the individual’s lifestyle is also important, as daily use of a moisturizer or emollient shows a reduction in the likelihood of developing atopic dermatitis by six months of age and helps to restore a defective skin mirror. Other lifestyle recommendations include educating yourself as a patient, educating family members on your condition, taking steps to avoid identifiable triggers, gentle skincare, regular use of a moisturizer, and controlling sub clinical inflammation through maintenance therapy.

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