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Eczema – Prevention

February 7, 2021


While you sometimes may not fully be able to prevent eczema, you can make a lot of progress by practicing the basics of gentle skincare and keeping your skin adequately moisturized and not dry. Dry skin is usually predisposed to developing itching and flares of many rashes, particularly eczema. If your skin is dry and your skin barrier is compromised, it is important to take measures to restore it. This can be with the soothing petroleum emollients, such as Vaseline, which is inexpensive and it’s found almost everywhere. Avoid using harsh soaps and alcohol-based products such as baby wipes. The best times to moisturize the skin are actually after showering and before bedtime. General measures include avoiding possible triggers when able to and regular use of emollients such as moisturizers. These measures are recommended long-term for months to years. Bleach baths can be supportive to prevent bacterial superinfection, though most baths should be short with lukewarm water and fragrance-free, non soap cleansers. Daily use of moisturizers and emollients to hydrate dry skin and reduce the transepidermal water loss is a cornerstone of prevention for atopic dermatitis.

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