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Endometriosis – Causes

December 20, 2020


So what causes endometriosis? Actually, we don’t really know. Um, there are various theories out there, one in particular that has a lot of strong support behind it. But again, it’s not certain. It’s something called retrograde flow where the uterus is connected to the fallopian tubes. And as opposed to the uterus, as it builds up and sloughs off the endometrial tissue goes out through the vagina. There is some thought that it could possibly some of it migrate out through the tube and as it goes out through the tube, it could spread throughout the abdominal pelvic cavity. Detecting the tube, the ovaries and various areas of the intestines and or the peritoneum, which is the surrounding surface of the inside of your abdomen. So that is a component that is thought to maybe cause the problem. It does explain all the etiologies, like having it on your skin, but sometimes the thought of having it on your skin could happen from having a delivery, particularly a cesarean section. And somehow those contents of endometrial tissue got on the skin and somehow the skin manifested this implant. But again, this is a lot of theoretical approaches, but we don’t really know the actual cause. I wish we did.

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