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Endometriosis – Infertility

December 20, 2020


So one of the associated conditions with endometriosis is infertility, and that can happen based on some scarring that can occur, particularly in the fallopian tubes. So a lot of times in your evaluation, if a person is suffering from infertility, which is considered not being able to get pregnant after actively trying for over a year, then one of the first things that will be done oftentimes is an HSG, which stands for hysterosalpingogram where dye is pushed through the cervix from the vagina. And it’s watched on fluoroscopy, which is the type of radiology study to see if the dye spills out. If the dye does not spill out, then it is thought to be related to some scarring that can occur. This evaluation can also be performed laparoscopically to see the assessment of the fallopian tubes’ patency or openness, because the tube needs to be open for the egg and sperm to be able to connect.

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