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Endometriosis – Preventative Measures

December 20, 2020


So when we have this suspicion that you have endometriosis, number one is that you always have the option to do nothing. It really is up to you regarding that, because it’s your life that’s being affected and you are not going to die from endometriosis, but you may suffer some significant amount of pain and discomfort and or it may affect your life and ability to do the things that you normally would like to do. And, or it may affect your sexual activity because of pain. If you choose to do some intervention, then a lot of times, some conservative approaches are often advised. Some people think that just having a regular diet control may help. Also some people choose acupuncture to help, some people choose birth control options. And a lot of times you do a continuous type of birth control. If you’re using the pill to decrease the frequency of you experiencing the pain since your pain is with endometriosis is typically with your menstrual cycle or (?) occurring actually in and of itself. In addition, if those don’t work, then we normally offer laparoscopic surgical intervention.

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