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Endometriosis – Recovery Process

December 20, 2020


Once we start treatment options, first discussing birth control. Then you typically will expect to have some resolution and improvement within a few months. It may take that long though for your body to actually reap the benefits of birth control. In addition, another option is progesterone or Depalupron or something of that nature. Typically improvement is quicker, but it still may take a few months. However, the maximum amount of Depolupron is not more than six months. Typically when we perform surgery, most people, after they recover from the discomfort of having surgery in general, have a fairly quick onset of improved symptoms. And once again, same thing that’s for any type of laparoscopic surgery where we do the fulguration or burning of the endometriosis. If you have a hysterectomy, once you’ve recovered from the pain associated with having surgery, again, you typically have again an improvement or resolution of your symptoms. But again, that if your ovaries are remaining, you still may have a reoccurance of the pain. And if that were to happen, which is not common, but it can, if that were to happen, you can go back through the cycle of conservative management and or surgery to remove the ovaries as well.

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