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Endometriosis – Treatments

December 20, 2020


When we do these laparoscopy, we look for adhesions or scar tissue. We look for endometriosis implants, which can have various presentations and how they look. And if we see what we think is endometriosis, we will oftentimes again, biopsy it. And then we will do what we call a fulguration of the endometriosis, or we literally burn the endometriosis implants, and that can very commonly resolve the patient’s pain and discomfort. Once that is done, then during the followup, the patient’s treatments are variable. One is that some people just have the fulguration and or removal of endometriosis and that resolves things. But a lot of times we want to suppress the endometriosis from reoccurring. So number one, if a person wants to proceed with fertility and having babies, then we suggest that they do because it actually can improve their endometriosis. Also, what we can do is sometimes put people on continuous birth control that suppresses their reoccurance of having a cycle, that they don’t have the retrograde flow. Theoretically, if that were what was going on, then that may decrease their endometriosis. You can also do a Lupron injection which also suppresses the endometriosis implants. And so those are various options of treatment for the patient.

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