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Epidural Anesthesia – Frequently Asked Questions

December 26, 2021


Does the placement of epidural anesthesia hurt? Well, the answer depends on who you ask, but the most common answer is no if done the proper way, with the proper technique. Pain thresholds are different as we know, and every patient reacts in a different way. Some women describe an epidural placement as creating a bit of discomfort in the area where the back was numbed. Some people feel a little bit of pressure when the medication is injected or the little tube and the little catheter is placed. Some people ask “When will my epidural be placed? Typically, epidurals are placed when the cervix is dilated four to five centimeters, and you are in active labor. Can an epidural lead to a C-section delivery or a slow labor? So when women need a C-section, other factors usually are at play, including the progression of labor, size or position of the baby, or other issues. With an epidural, you might be able to feel contractions, but they won’t hurt. You’ll be able to push effectively.

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