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Epilepsy – Diagnosis Video EEG

February 11, 2022


So with respect to confirming the diagnosis, that is sometimes something that we need to try to do. And in the circumstances where that comes in most frequently is we take the information initially that we get and we decide we’re going to do something, treat or not treat and sort of see what happens. And if someone doesn’t do well, seizures continue and we’re trying to figure out, well shoot are they seizures, is there something else going on? What’s happening? There is a more definitive way to diagnose seizures and that’s with something called the video EEG often done in an epilepsy monitoring unit like we have here at TMC. And with that, what happens is someone comes in to the hospital and actually is admitted for a week and we put an EEG on their head and under careful supervision we often will withdraw medications. And the idea is to capture a seizure with the EEG on your head. And the idea is that that really is the gold standard for detecting seizures because if it is indeed a seizure we’ll see that electrical storm or those electrical discharges in the brain change as the seizure progressive.

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