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Epilepsy – Financial Information

February 13, 2022


Insurance and epilepsy can be a little bit of a challenge. And I speak from my perspective, which is one: insurance is often we’ll have very specific medications that they would prefer covering, medications you have to try first before trying the next medication. Often, Medicaid for instance, will ask for something called a prior authorization. And so the physician can say, look, I think this is the right drug for you. And the insurance company says, look, you can’t use that drug first. You’ve got to try a few other drugs before you get there. And we just have to navigate that individually with the patient themselves and their insurance with respect to getting insurance. Having epilepsy as a prior diagnosis shouldn’t be an impediment to getting insurance. But that’s not something I can really sort of comment on too much. I haven’t had much experience with that.

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