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Epilepsy – Latest Research Surgery

February 13, 2022


You know, there are technologies that are being further developed with respect to being able to localize or nail down that seizure focus. And I’ll point out again, surgery can be such a useful treatment for patients. And so the idea would be what other ways can we be certain about where with the seizure focus is? And there’s a device called a MEG, magneto encephalogram which can basically help nail down where the seizure focus is and it can see electrical fields coming out of your brain and be able to sort of nail down where exactly the seizure focus is based on those fields and those electrical fields. The other thing would be that, you know, I envision that, you know, being more effective and more aggressive with surgery. I think that there’s such good data that says that surgery is effective in controlling seizures, especially in people who are refractory and continue to have seizures despite two or three medication trials. And I think we need to get that message out to that to the public and get more aggressive in general about treating patients, because the effects of epilepsy long term are significant. Not only does it affect your ability to enjoy life because you’re always worried about, you know, when’s the next seizure going to happen? What’s the next sort of disaster? You can’t drive. You can’t go swimming alone. You can’t work at heights. Working in general is a challenge. And so, attacking those are, you know, getting seizures controlled, is so incredibly crucial.

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