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Epilepsy – Organizations

February 13, 2022


There are a lot of great organizations to help with epilepsy. The best one that’s been around the longest in Arizona is The Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. They’re based out of Phoenix. They have an outreach though to every city in Arizona and they’re a fantastic organization to get involved with. So The Epilepsy Foundation is a national organization. They have a headquarters and then each state though has their own sort of area that they run it themselves. And so, you know, it’s a national organization. They fund, you know, studies. They do all kinds of fantastic work in treatment prevention of epilepsy and getting the word out on epilepsy. But it’s run statewide here and the, you know, the president currently is Suzanne Metso Mauri, who is fantastic and eager to help anybody who has any questions, concerns, can feed them information, and can be involved as an advocate in any way they like.

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