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Epilepsy – Symptoms

February 11, 2022


The symptoms of epilepsy are recurrent unprovoked seizures. It’s important to recognize that, you know, the generalized tonic clonic seizure, then big convulsive event, a grand mal seizure, which is a term that frankly we try not to use, but we do, that is actually not the most common type of seizure. And it’s those partial onset seizures, those staring and confusion spells, which are much more common. And you know, I see this very frequently, which is people just don’t always recognize recognize that that was a seizure. They see it happen and they blame it on, you know, something else, whether it’s a TIA often, is what they’ll sort of label it as. And they’re actually seizures. So this is one of those, one of those types of diagnoses that the patients, the families and the physicians have to sort of be specifically thinking about. And again, it’s recognition that it’s not a disease of childhood only. It’s a disease that we’re seeing and people over the age of 50 and 60 and especially as our population gets older, we’re going to have to be more and more vigilant about picking it up.

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