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Epilepsy – Symptoms

October 12, 2021


People with epilepsy usually lead perfectly normal lives without any symptoms of the disease, except when they have a seizure. And as I mentioned before, there are many types of seizure. During a generalized or tonic-clonic or grand mal seizure, which is the type most of us are familiar with, you start off with a loss of consciousness and then your body becomes very stiff. You may make a loud cry or scream. Then your whole body starts jerking uncontrollably, which can lead to bruising, biting your tongue, or even dislocating your shoulder. Often people experience loss of bladder control during this type of seizure. During a common type of focal seizure, you may experience an intense feeling of deja vu or an unpleasant odor or a feeling of fear before you become unaware of your environment and start having involuntary movements of your hand or face. Usually people don’t remember having this kind of seizure and know about it only because a witness tells them about it afterwards.

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