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Erectile Dysfunction – No Treatment

April 6, 2021


It's highly unlikely that your erectile dysfunction will heal on its own. But again, it depends on what the cause is. So if it's anything due to stress or anxiety associated with the relationship and that stress or anxiety is gone, then yes, it should be able to heal up on its own and you should have normal erectile function down the road. But if it has anything to do with age or low testosterone or diabetes, hypertension, poor cholesterol levels, those things, if they're left untreated, it's very, very difficult and very unlikely actually that your erectile dysfunction will get better unless you treat the cause. If left untreated, erectile dysfunction, will really do one of two things. It'll either stay the same wherever you're at, whether you're at mild or moderate degree, your erectile dysfunction will stay steady at that level, or it will get worse. Again, it's very, very unlikely that it'll get better depending on the cause. So again, if the cause is anxiety or stress related, erectile dysfunction potentially could get better on its own. Typically, either going to stay the same or get worse.

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