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Exercise and Sleep

December 24, 2020


What about exercise and sleep? Well, certainly I want you to get exercise – it’s good for your health. But what time of day to do it? Well, oftentimes people who exercise in the morning get it out of the way, and actually studies have shown they’re more consistent exercisers if they can do it in the morning. For those people who are very sensitive to the stimulating effects of exercise, that makes good sense. So some people find themselves awake and alert and more energized with exercise. They should avoid exercising too close to bedtime. That makes sense. But everybody’s a little bit different. Typically, more exercise is better regardless, even if it’s closer to bedtime, you get the restless inside of your body. And people who are regular exercisers have actually been shown to be more efficient at sleeping. They may be able to get away with shorter amounts of sleep because their quality of sleep is better.

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