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Facial Paralysis – Diagnosis

February 22, 2022


It’s important for the clinician or the specialist to really focus in on that patient and follow the trajectory down the road. In other words, do we see a continued improvement? Do we plateau on our improvement? Or is it just getting worse? And in those each have a bearing on what type of treatment is required, what type of prognosis is involved and more specifically, when is it the time to do surgery? When monitoring a person for facial paralysis, it’s important to understand when that facial paralysis occurred. Is it in the early period, which is somewhere between 12 to 18 months since the time of the paralysis? Or does it fall into the later category, which is sometimes 18 months or longer? Depending on what category that patient presents in, will determine whether surgery is required or not. When patients start experiencing the symptoms of facial paralysis, it’s important that they seek medical attention right away, whether it’s the emergency room or their primary care doctor. There are a series of tests that may need to be run to understand what is the cause of the facial paralysis to rule out more of the life threatening problems. And then based upon that, they can then present to a specialist who can then further refine their treatment.

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