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Facial Paralysis – Doctor Expertise

February 21, 2022


My expertise of plastic surgery is not just limited to the traditional cosmetic patient, although that is a big part of what I do. One of the areas in plastic surgery that drove me to the profession was actual complex reconstructive problems that come up. Most specifically I treat patients with facial paralysis. This can be a very troubling problem in many patients and it’s often and historically been an incurable problem. So patients have often been told to just live with it. And this is an important area that I focused my particular practice and direction in terms of trying to really get at the cutting edge, really refined techniques to help people return to some level of symmetry of the face. And this is a dynamic symmetry. In other words, smiling is not in one position. It occurs in rest and in activation. Same with eye closure or forehead elevation. These are the things that are affected in facial paralysis. Other areas of expertise include the relatively unknown condition known as neurofibromatosis. And neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that can affect patients at birth. And what happens in neurofibromatosis is that nerve tumors develop around virtually any nerve in the body, and some of these can be quite disfiguring. What my practice focuses in on is the removal of these tumors and also in the reconstruction of the physical disfigurement that some of these tumors can cause. One of my other focuses is the area of pediatric reconstructive surgery. This is an area that is quite challenging and can include everything from birth defects, things like cleft lip and palate to really rare tumors. And in fact, other things such as large birthmarks, vascular birthmarks, which can be quite difficult to address in any other way, but with surgery.

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