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Facial Paralysis – Post Operative Expectations

February 22, 2022


The post-operative expectations are actually a very important part of any plastic surgical procedure. It’s important that patients understand what it is that they’re getting into when they agree to having a procedure done. In other words, what do things look like is a very big question in plastic surgery. And I spent a lot of time talking to patients about that to help them understand that there are certain things that are possible with plastic surgery, but within reason. And I find that many patients lack that ability to discern what it is that they see out there in the press and in the media and what is actually medically possible. So it is important part that I always emphasize during the consultation preoperatively as to what is the possibilities and expectations afterwards. And in most cases, we meet those expectations. And that’s a very important part of plastic surgery is to actually hit the point and make patients happy.

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