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Facial Paralysis – Post Surgery Recovery

February 22, 2022


Every surgery is different and you really should consult with your facial paralysis specialist regarding the recovery involved. In many cases, facial nerve recovery happens on its own and it’s very quick. However, in a certain subset of patients that can be a very prolonged process. Unfortunately, there’s no early intervention that is going to expedite the process of reinnervation or regeneration of that facial nerve. The recovery after surgery can vary depending on the procedure that was performed. For instance, the Temporalis myoplasty, patients typically have some swelling afterwards that usually resolves in one to two weeks, and then therapy is initiated at about three weeks following the surgery. Every patient with facial paralysis is going to have a different recovery period. Some may take one to two weeks, others can take up to a year or longer. The decision to proceed with any line of treatment is really guided by the facial paralysis specialist. That can include things like therapy or surgery, and the timing of that will be determined by that specialist.

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