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Facial Paralysis – Preparing for Your Appointment

February 22, 2022


When someone comes in for a consultation in our office, they are typically greeted by our patient coordinator and the consultation then takes place. The consultation can be anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour in the typical case. And the reason for that is to really understand what the problem is at hand. I very much believe in spending the time to not only get to know my patients because that is a very important part of establishing trust, but also to really understand what the patient’s desires are, whether it’s a cosmetic patient or if it’s something related to a complex reconstructive problem, which I also do see. We, then, go through a proper exam at that time and, uh, come up with an extensive and comprehensive plan in terms of what it is that treatment will require. Sometimes that requires surgery, sometimes it requires different treatments or therapies that don’t necessarily require a trip to the operating room.

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