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Female Sexual Dysfunction – Communication with Partner

November 10, 2020


Now as long as you’re not feeling threatened in your relationship, then female sexual dysfunction, which occurs in approximately 40% of the population, is not something that you need to reach out for help urgently for, and as long as you’re feeling safe and your relationship is consensual. It’s time to open dialogue with your partner, to have a conversation about some of your concerns, about some of the things that you think could be better, or that could be done differently, because sexual health is always deeply enmeshed in the relationship and the health of the relationship. I tell my patients that sexual health is a barometer of the health of the relationship, because if sex is going well, there’s a good chance. The relationship is going well, but if sex isn’t going well, then it can often create a lot of discomfort and tension in the relationship and vice versa.

If the relationship isn’t going well, then it’s really hard to have a happy, healthy sex life because you’re just not feeling connected as a partnership. So if you’re feeling disconnected and there seem to be problems with your sex life at any stage of the sexual response. So with desire, drive with arousal, with lubrication, with orgasm, or with the resolution or the cuddling phase after if there’s a problem at any of those phases, have a conversation with your partner and try to determine if there’s some ways that you can be creative to work around and to find some solutions.

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