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Female Sexual Dysfunction – Outreach

November 10, 2020


So how do you know if you need help for your sexual health concerns? Well, first and foremost, it is so important that you feel safe and protected and not threatened in any way in your relationship. So if there’s ever a fear or a time when you feel threatened or unsafe, then you absolutely need to seek help and resources. There’s a national hotline that you can find online. There is your healthcare provider. There are emergency rooms available 24-7, and you can always call 911 if you feel threatened or anyone in your home or your children are being threatened, because sexual health is about a feeling of safety and a feeling of being loved. And it’s so important that that be a consensual experience and that both partners feel like they want to be in that relationship. So if you’ve ever felt mentally or verbally, or emotionally, or physically, or sexually threatened in any way, that is a red flag for you to reach out and seek help, because there is absolutely help available for you.

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