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Female Sexual Dysfunction – Overview

November 10, 2020


So let’s talk about sexual health. When we talk about sexual health, the term is female sexual dysfunction, and I never liked that they put the word dysfunction on the title, but that is the medical term. And there are multiple steps along the normal sexual response cycle that can go wrong leading to dysfunction, and ultimately leading a lot of women to seek help with their healthcare provider. Female sexual dysfunction tends to impact approximately 40% of women. And if you include dysfunction or problems with all of the aspects of the sexual cycle, you can have female sexual dysfunction in the area of arousal, in the area of lubrication or getting wet. You can have dysfunction in the area of orgasm and most commonly you can have dysfunction in the area of libido or a reduced sexual drive, which is what most women will present to the gynecologist with. If they have a problem with their sex, it’s usually in the area of sexual drive.

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